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At Team EF Coaching, we love riding. We love training, racing, and pushing ourselves. We are a unique collection of world-class coaches, elite riders, and nutritionists. And just like you, we always push to improve. What do you want to achieve on the bike? Ride your first century? Climb the leaderboard on Strava? Train for national championship races? Simply get fitter and feel better out riding? Whatever it is, we want you to hit your target, and we have the knowledge to make it happen. We’ll use our hard-learned lessons from 20 years as a professional team to help you exceed your goals.

Jonathan Vaughters, CEO, EF Pro Cycling

Elite coaching for cyclists of all kinds

People who love cycling have great questions. It must come with the territory when you see the world from the seat of a bike.

Throughout the 20 years of my team’s history, these people haven’t been shy about asking those questions, either. They range from a basic, “How do I climb up a hill faster?” to a more complex, “Why are crosswinds so dangerous?”

But one of the most common queries over my 20 years: “How does your team manage to put up such big results without ever having favored riders?”

A first-of-its-kind cycling coaching service

Meaningful connection with your coach

Unlike most coaching programs that sharply limit interaction, we make it easy to connect with your Team EF Coaching coach on a regular basis — it’s the backbone of our program. The bond between coach and athlete is paramount to training smarter, increasing motivation, and having a better time while riding.

Regular workout feedback, analysis, and training adjustments

At Team EF Coaching, we tailor your training schedule to you personally, unlike robotic programs anyone can rip off the internet. Super busy and can’t squeeze everything in this week? Don’t worry, we adjust for that together. Went twice as long on that ride over the weekend because the weather was nice? Great, we can build off your weekend effort the following week.

What additional equipment do I need?

Power output and heart rate data are integral parts of our coaching system. We require Team EF Coaching athletes at all levels to have a heart rate monitor and power meter so that we can provide comprehensive, data-driven coaching. Don't have a power meter yet? No problem — members at all levels get access to a partner-discounted device from Power2Max.

Our exclusive video library is complete with skills courses and insights from some of the best cyclists in the world

Some things are better seen than heard. We have recorded more than 80 educational videos that teach myriad aspects of training and cycling, from how to position your body when sprinting, to understanding the basics of lactic acid, to why your recovery rides aren’t nearly easy enough. Our library takes what we’ve learned over two decades in professional sport and boils it down into digestible content you can learn from.

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What sets us apart

Our coaches

Our coaches draw on years of experience and insight to guide, motivate, and help you meet your goals. We encourage regular and meaningful conversations with you coach, no matter which plan you choose or how often you’d like to connect.

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Experience you can trust

During our years of running a professional cycling team, we have pioneered radical industry-shifting changes in nutrition, aerodynamics, and training. We have looked intensely at what others overlook and found ways to make significant improvements in physical performance that apply to riders of all levels. You won’t find these insights anywhere else, because we’ve learned them every day in professional sport. When applied correctly, we can help anyone become a better, healthier, less injury-prone rider.

Train smarter, not harder

Cyclists are obsessed with data. Did you go faster up the climb? How many calories did you burn? What was your power output? It’s fun — but if misinterpreted, all that data can quickly drain performance. We look at your numbers to identify trends, understand fatigue, and quantify what type of training leads to improvement. Your coach will analyze the entire picture, not just a simple end result. Let your data help, not hinder.

One size does not fit all

We onboard new athletes with a three-step assessment program, and we continuously adjust and perfect our training based on each cyclist’s needs. Years of coaching professional riders to perform at Grand Tours and one-day races has helped us understand how dynamic cyclists are and how to adapt to individuals quickly. Your training, your recovery, and your unique physiology working together is what differentiates good from great coaching.

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Plans and pricing

Real improvement takes time. While you will start to hone skills and gain new knowledge immediately, we’re in it for the long run with you. Please be sure that you can commit to a minimum of 3-4 months to ensure that we can help you see the results you’re looking for.

To provide comprehensive, data-driven coaching, we require Team EF Coaching athletes at all levels to have a heart rate monitor and power meter.


US$425/monthcharged monthly

Pay annually and get one month of coaching free.

  • Unlimited access to a dedicated cycling coach
  • Full access to our library of coaching content
  • Bi-annual nutrition analysis and consultation with a registered dietitian

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Looking for a professional-level WorldTour coaching experience? Elite members of Team EF Coaching have access to our EF Pro Cycling professional team staff.

Joining Team EF Coaching's Elite membership program means having the experience and insight of our WorldTour cycling team at your fingertips. We will guide you to meet your goals, improve as an athlete and have more fun doing it.

This is a highly customized product that requires a thorough consultation to assess your needs. Pricing starts at US$1,995 per month.

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