Pro cycling coaches
for everyone

Pro cycling coaches
for everyone

Access the knowledge of a WorldTour cycling team

It's all downhill from here. These are the experts. The professionals at the top of the field. With hard lessons learned in the peloton, these are the ultimate teachers in training, nutrition, and technique. General access to this elite wealth of experience was never possible before Team EF Coaching.

You supply the goal,

we supply the know-how

Everyone has a different goal when it comes to cycling. Maybe you want to break a Strava record in your neighborhood, complete a 200-mile gravel race, or simply feel better on your bike. Different goals require different types of training, fueling, and mental focus. We will consult with you to match you with a coach with the knowledge base and experience to help you achieve your specific goals.

Your Coaches

A couple for the gearheads:

Team EF’s state-of-the-art advances in training will super-power your progress

The EF Intensity Spectrum

The EF Intensity Spectrum is our unique scale of effort that prioritizes real-world feel over rigid methodology. Our goal is to move away from dependence on training zones and allow more freedom in your riding. After years of coaching elite cyclists in training and racing, we know the EF Intensity Spectrum will help you hone performance intuition so that you can train smarter, and have more fun.

DTP is the new FTP

Typical training programs are designed around the concept of Functional Threshold Power. FTP was created in the early 2000s building on the foundational work measuring lactate thresholds by professor Francesco Conconi in the 1980s. FTP is still relevant today — but cycling has moved on since 1982. Team EF Coaching has developed a more dynamic test of power outputs that gives a clearer indication of whether you’re reaching your performance peak in many different situations. We call this Dynamic Threshold Power™. And it’s the future of cycling training.

How does it work? We lay the nuts and bolts on the table

Personalized training plans, structured one-on-one coaching, and access to our video libraries


Everything you need to become a better athlete.

From US$ 206

/month (charged yearly)


Unlimited personal coaching for your goals.

From US$ 355

/month (charged yearly)


The full pro package for ultimate performance.

From US$ 563

/month (charged yearly)

When you succeed,

we do too

Team EF Coaching helps support the EF Pro Cycling teams. It’s a revolutionary new approach to funding pro sports, and one we hope will help spread a love of riding around the world.

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