"I got started cycling at a very young age. My dad raced on the regional circuit around Colorado and our "family vacations" always involved traveling to a local race. I fell in love with cycling right from the get-go and from before I can remember, I was obsessed with racing. The speed, tactics, metrics, and emotions that went into every race fascinated me and that fascination gave me the fuel to work my way up the ranks. At the age of 15 I begged Jonathan Vaughters to give me a spot on the 5280 development team and — with the exception of a "study abroad" year in 2008 with the French team Vélo Club La Pomme Marseille — I've been with the Ride Argyle squad ever since."

More about Alex

The ever-evolving, hyper-dynamic world of cycling has always fascinated me. On any given day there are an infinite number of variables that can lead to success or failure and solving the equation for the perfect ride has been a life’s mission of mine since before I can remember. Over my ten plus years at the professional level I have enjoyed honing my craft and studying the sport while racing six world championships and five grand tours.

More recently however, I have really enjoyed opening the Pandora’s box of gravel and mountain bike racing and trying to piece together these entirely new puzzles. While exploring these, new to me, parts of cycling, I’ve been able to duck under the metaphorical velvet rope that separates pro cycling from the people and I have discovered that perhaps my greatest passion is in introducing the world of cycling to new faces and equipping them with the tools they need to enjoy and thrive on and off the bike.

After all these years in the sport I’ve given up on solving the equation for perfection, not because I don’t believe in greatness but because I believe that no matter what level we’re at, we can always find a way to make our today better than yesterday.

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Fun Fact

Up in his house in Nederland, Colorado, Alex and his family stay warm with a wood burning stove. No central heating here.