How it works

Rubber, meet road


Coach assignment
After you sign up, we schedule a personal consultation with you to discuss your training goals. Based on this we match you with a coach. Typically this all happens within 72 hours.


Meet your new coach
Your coach will get you set up on our training platform and get you started. He/She will walk you through our assessment process to make sure you get off on the right level.


Start training
Your coach will build and deliver your personalized training program to you at a frequency of your choice, biweekly or monthly. Don’t worry about that busy schedule. Every athlete has access to structured updates and adjustments from their coach.

Our compre­hensive coaching system addresses all aspects of your training

The perfect coach for you

We are very picky about picking our coaches. We have to be, because the most important thing is that the two of you click. We look at your goals, motivations, and preferences before we match you with a coach.

Three-step assessment

Step one of the Team EF Coaching program is to complete our three-step rider assessment:

Step 1 - Fitness Test: Dynamic Threshold Power™
Step 2 - Technique & Skill Test
Step 3 - Multiple Choice Cycling IQ Test

Personalized Training Plans

Every athlete is unique, and our coaches build personalized training programs for each athlete and their needs. With the long term goal in mind, your coach will deliver your personalized training programs to you at a frequency of your preference, bi-weekly, or monthly.


Discovering the nutritional strategies and protocols that bring out the best athlete in you is not something that happens overnight. Premium members will go through the journey of learning what the best nutritional practices are for them by working with our team of coaching nutritionists.


Team EF Coaching athletes enjoy extensive opportunities to connect with coaches. Whether you want to dig into the details of heart rate analysis or discuss planning for your big ride, our coaches are here to help.

Premium-level extras

Premium-level athletes get a peek behind the curtain of a WorldTour cycling team. This includes access to exclusive instructional videos, special offers from the team’s partners, and access to VIP events, like Tour de France finishing party.

Consume more proteam

Our exclusive video library 
is a training program 
in itself

We have produced a massive library of educational videos that teach numerous aspects of training and cycling, from how to position your body when sprinting, to understanding the basics of lactic acid, to why your recovery rides aren’t nearly easy enough. Our library takes what we’ve learned over two decades in professional sport and boils it down into digestible content you can learn from.

What additional equipment do I need?

Power output and heart rate data are integral parts of our coaching system. We require Team EF Coaching athletes at all levels to have a heart rate monitor and power meter so that we can provide comprehensive, data-driven coaching. Don't have a power meter yet? No problem — members at all levels get access to a partner-discounted device from Power2Max.

Personalized training plans, structured one-on-one coaching, and access to our video libraries


Everything you need to become a better athlete.

From US$ 206

/month (charged yearly)


Unlimited personal coaching for your goals.

From US$ 355

/month (charged yearly)


The full pro package for ultimate performance

From US$ 563

/month (charged yearly)