May 24, 2024

Unlocking your potential with coach Ken Vanmarcke

Coach Ken Vanmarcke works tirelessly with some of the fastest bike racers in the world in his role as a sports director for EF Education-EasyPost. He also enjoys sharing the knowledge and experience he has gained in the WorldTour with his Team EF Coaching clients.

Ken knows firsthand the impact that well-founded advice can have on an athlete. He was a talented cyclist himself, recognized in the Belgian amateur peloton for his work ethic and willingness to endure adverse conditions. Spending countless hours riding over the cobbles near his home in Flanders, he eventually hit a plateau in his performance. Frustrated and burnt out, he retired from racing at just 19.

Ken returned to racing at 22 to ride alongside his brother, future EF Pro Cycling racer Sep. This time, with the guidance of a coach, his performance soared. Through focused training and strategic rest, Ken began winning some of the toughest amateur races in Belgium, including Gent-Wevelgem for non-professionals. However, he believed it was too late to pursue a professional racing career, so he opted to support his brother, Sep.

For six years, Ken trained with his brother, covering over 25,000 kilometers annually while working full-time as a postman. Every interval Sep completed, Ken mirrored. This experience provided Ken with insight into what it takes for high-performance athletes to reach their full potential and a deep understanding of the unique challenges they face when striving for excellence without making sport a profession.

“What I love is getting people to push themselves to levels they never thought possible”

Ken derives as much satisfaction from helping his Team EF Coaching clients achieve their goals as he does from supporting his EF Education-EasyPost riders in races like the Tour de France and his beloved cobbled classics.

Regardless of their goals, Ken's coaching approach remains consistent. He embodies a calm, guiding presence, knowing precisely when to challenge riders and when to encourage rest. Just as he meticulously analyzes every meter of road before a grand tour stage, Ken scrutinizes his clients' workouts, progress, and data, applying the same rigor he dedicates to the power files of the professional racers he coaches.

Ken possesses comprehensive knowledge of the myriad factors contributing to performance. In addition to optimizing fitness levels, he leverages his WorldTour experience to advise on equipment selection, pacing strategies, and race-day nutrition, ensuring his clients surpass their cycling aspirations.

Being coached by Ken provides a truly WorldTour-level coaching experience, find out more about 1:1 coaching here.