"I believe that inspiration is the root of discovery and feel that an inspired person will always discover more about themselves and reach greater levels of growth.

For that reason, I love to work with people of all abilities, who are inspired to learn and get better every day. I believe that improvements are something that we should feel every single day when all things align."

More about Zack

I've dedicated my entire life to sport, as an athlete, a student, and as a coach. I've had the absolute pleasure of working one-on-one with professional athletes in cycling's top level of sport, the World Tour, the MLS, and the NFL. As a coach,

I always feel as though I compete with my athletes towards all of their goals and while the pressure and intense excitement of competing at the highest level of sport can be extremely stimulating, and challenging, I find the greatest amount of personal satisfaction in working with amateur athletes who want to transform their ability, and maybe even their life.

While many people tell me that I'm a motivating person to be around, I always tell my clients, "I'm not here to motivate you." I say this because I believe that all motivation comes from within, and an athlete either truly wants to make a change and improve, or they don't. I understand completely that I can only use my life in sport experience as a guide to provide people with the tools to make the absolute most out of their daily efforts, but I cannot control anyone's actions or the effort they put behind their actions. For me, coaching is a collaborative experience, a back-and-forth symphony where both sides of the orchestra continually gain momentum, building a powerful force of energy and confidence. I don't use the word confidence lightly because I believe that it is one of the most misunderstood words in our language. This perspective is inspired by seeing the best athletes in the world form greater confidence through one thing and one thing only, their daily process and dedication to their craft.

I don't care how many watts you do, what races you've won, or if you even want to race. The only prerequisite I have for any athlete that I work with is that they truly have a desire to improve. We can all make more watts, win more races, and transform our bodies, but only if that desire to improve is lit inside.

I find that I really like to work with high level leaders in business who want to perform to the best of their abilities in all areas of life. Done right, cycling at a high level with the ability to check in and out of your training paves the pathways for an increased level of clarity in thought processing, and leadership.


As an athlete I've won many criteriums, time trials, and road races at the Pro 1 Canada/ USA level. As a coach/trainer I've been much more successful, and have been a part of winning some of the biggest championships in sport.


Road, Criterium, Time Trial, Track, Gravel

Fun facts

I could really live anywhere, but for me Colombia is the best place in the world to be a cyclist.