"As a coach I like to try and make the workouts relatively simple so that riders do not have to look too much at the screen during the ride focusing on other things. I am a believer in positive reinforcement with the people that I work with. - To focus more on what they are doing good than what they have to improve on. This, according to me, results in more confident and motivated riders."

More about Nicki

After ending my cycling career at the age of 39 and having done a massive amount of very intense riding for a long time, I found very little joy in riding for the following six years and switched to running instead to stay healthy. Recently I started cycling again and have found the joy of riding has returned.

Cycling is a fantastic way of training, it gives an opportunity of mixing both intensity and quantity training, which is so important for a long, heathy and successful life.

I'm married and have two daughters and have lived 21 years in Italy until we recently returned to Denmark.


Tour de France Stage Winner

Vuelta a España Stage Winner

TTT stage wins at Vuelta a España & Giro d'Italia

4x Danish National Road Champion

14 years as a World Tour pro rider

9 years as a Sports Director

Cycling disciplines

Road cycling

Fun fact

As a rider I have completed all of the Grand Tours that I have started - 19 including 10x Tour de France.