"Started my sporting life as a speed skater and found the velodrome in high school. I quickly became fascinated with the speed, technicality and culture of track racing. I only started to ride the road to supplement the track riding. As soon as I found that I could do even more racing, it's all I wanted to do. I became obsessed on how to win, how to get faster and look good while doing it. (I didn't always get that last part right) I won my first Elite Criterium title at 19 and the taste of getting everything right on the important day as stuck with me since. "

More about Daniel

I am a equipment dork. I never thought of myself as the strongest guy or most physically gifted so I loved paying attention to the details and little things that could make a difference. In my early 20s I spent more time with fellow Coach Colby Pearce than I did my family as we raced around Europe in the SixDay circus.


Gold Medal - Pan American Games

5x National Champion - Criterium

2x Elite Road Race Champion

14x National Champion - Track

World Cup winner - Track

Cycling disciplines

Road cycling

Track cycling

Criterium cycling

Fun fact

I grew up speed skating as soon as I could walk (from what I have been told) My need for speed brought me to cycling and I haven't left.