Listen in on our cycling performance focused discussions with industry leading experts from Team EF Coaching, EF Pro Cycling and more.

We're lucky enough to spend lots of time having conversations with some of the sharpest minds in Sports Science, and we've often come away thinking 'that would have been a great podcast'.

So here it is, the Team EF Coaching Performance Podcast - we've kickstarted with several episodes, featuring Olympic coach Matt Shallcrass on becoming a great all-round athlete, Dr. Kevin Sprouse on optimizing health and Tejay Van Garderen on how training has changed.

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Episode 1: Matt Shallcrass - Becoming the omni rider

In this episode of the Team EF Coaching Performance podcast we sit down with coach Matt Shallcrass to discuss the latest trends in training, his philosophy behind building Olympic champions and developing the abilities to compete in all areas of cycling, like athletes such as Tom Pidcock, Pauline Ferrand Prevot and Wout Van Aert, in other words, how to become the omni rider.

Episode 2: Tejay Van Garderen - The shifting dynamics in cycling

In this episode of the Team EF Coaching Performance Podcast we sit down with coach Tejay Van Garderen who has recently made a transition from a full time professional World Tour cyclist, to a director sportif for EF Pro Cycling. Enjoy some tips and insights from one of the best American riders of his generation in this episode.

Episode 3: Kevin Sprouse - How cyclists can optimize their overall health

In this episode of the Team EF Coaching Performance podcast we sit down with Head of Medicine at EF Education-EasyPost, Dr Kevin Sprouse to talk common health issues that cyclists deal with, how they can be prevented and how athletes can become healthier all round.

Episode 4: Colby Pearce - Upper cross syndrome & achieving physiological balance

In this episode of the Team EF Coaching Podcast we sit down with our head coach, Colby Pearce to discuss some common imbalances that he sees in his practice as a bike fitter. This conversation leads us to a deeper dive onto the topic of upper cross syndrome, something commonly found in cyclists. Be sure to tune into this episode.

Episode 5: Michael Valgren - Overcoming adversity

We joined EF Education-EasyPost athlete Michael Valgren at the team's winter training camp in Girona to discuss making it back to racing fitness after what could have been a career ending crash. We've now started filming our podcasts so check out the episode on YouTube to see Michael and Zack.

Episode 6: Will Girling PhD - EF Pro Cycling's Nutritionist

Team nutritionist Will Girling PhD shares some great insights on some common mistakes athletes make in fueling for their events and what an ideal structure would be for long endurance rides, and race days.

Episode 7: Lachlan Morton - The returning desire to win

Zack sits down with Lachlan Morton while at the EF Pro Cycling training camp to discuss Lachlan's journey over the past couple of years and his return to structured training, and how he has rediscovered the desire to win.

Episode 8: Jonathan Vaughters - The CEO of EF Pro Cycling

We chat with the CEO of EF Pro Cycling to discuss the up coming season, the exciting new 2023 team roster and many nuances of cycling training and how it applies to the sport of cycling. Jonathan raced professionally from 1994 to 2003. After retirement he started the early iterations of EF Pro Cycling with Slipstream Sports. Today EF Pro Cycling is America's longest running professional cycling team.

Episode 9: Owen Blandy - Cooking for cyclists

In episode nine of the Team EF Coaching Performance Cycling Podcast Zack Morris sits down with EF Pro Cycling Chef - Owen Blandy, to discuss everything about preparing, cooking, and eating the best food for cycling at home, and on the road. Owen Also shares some unique insights on what it's like to be a part of the big show in races like the Tour de France and many others.

Episode 10: Colby Pearce - Why you shouldn't be focusing on marginal gains

In episode 10 of the Team EF Coaching podcast, Zack Morris sits down with Colby Pearce to discuss some important factors of cyclist development that often go over looked, or deemed less important than the trendy 'marginal gains' data driven market.

Episode 11: Ken Vanmarcke - EF Education-EasyPost director sportif and Team EF Coaching coach

In episode 11 of the Team EF Coaching podcast we sit down with coach Ken Vanmarcke to discuss his position at EF Pro Cycling as a director sportif, and his role as a cycling coach. We dive into Ken's history as an athlete, DS, and coach.

Episode 12: Mick Habgood - A biomechanical podiatrist on using the 'power joint'

If you've ever struggled with your insoles or cycling shoes then this episode is for you. Zack Morris sits down with Mick Habgood in episode 12 to understand Mick's process and unpack some great tips for all cyclists. Dive into this episode and learn if you're using your "Power Joint" and getting the most potential out of your body.

Episode 13: Bill Armstrong - Cycling Nutrition with The Founder of Neversecond Nutrition

In Episode 13 of the Team EF Coaching Performance Podcast, Zack Morris sits down with Bill Armstrong to learn more about the history behind the conception of the Neversecond brand, and why their systemized product system is changing the way athletes around the world are seeing sports nutrition.

Episode 14: Q&A Round Table with Team EF Coaching

In Episode 14, Zack Morris sits down with head coach Colby Pearce, and Team EF Coaching's nutritionist, Spencer Miller who joins the show for the first time to answer the questions from the Instagram comment section. This episode hosts a variety of great information for athletes of all levels as Team EF Coaching goes deep into training philosophy, nutrition, longevity, structure, and so much more, all of which is inspired by your questions.

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