Team EF Coaching

A custom cycling program that produces results

The perfect coach for you

We are very picky about picking our coaches. We have to be, because the most important thing is that the two of you click. We look at your goals, motivations, and preferences before we match you with a coach.

Three-phase assessment

Step one of the Team EF Coaching program is to complete our three-phase rider assessment:

  • Phase 1 - Fitness Test: Dynamic Threshold Power™
  • Phase 2 - Technique & Skill Test
  • Phase 3 - Multiple Choice Cycling IQ Test

Weekly training plans

Each week, you will receive customized seven-day training plans for the week ahead. These plans are tailored to your long- and short-term goals, personal schedule, and performance over previous weeks.


Premium members receive bi-weekly nutrition plans delivered straight to their inboxes. Understanding macronutrient needs is key to an athlete’s performance, and Team EF Coaching’s nutrition team will help you fuel for success. Premium members also have access to our exclusive nutrition content and recipes.


Team EF Coaching athletes enjoy extensive opportunities to connect with coaches. Whether you want to dig into the details of heart rate analysis or discuss planning for your big ride, our coaches are here to help.

Premium-level extras

Sometimes all you need is a little change in training or diet to hit the next level. Premium-level athletes get a peek behind the curtain of a WorldTour cycling team, with access to exclusive instructional videos, special offers from the team’s partners, and insider power analysis and commentary on our WorldTour riders’ workouts so that you can better craft your training off what’s worked for the team for years, from sprint work to climbing days.

Our compre­hensive coaching system is built upon a solid foundation of knowledge, experience, and expertise

The knowledge of a WorldTour Cycling team

Progress and change happen quickly at the highest level of professional sport. Knowledge of what works and what doesn't is won and lost through painful trial and error. The sharp edge of the knife is sharp on both edges and this is where our coaching vision kicks in for you. Most people aren’t full-time athletes, but much of what works to win a stage of the Tour de France can help you with your goals, too. The hard lessons learned in the peloton are the ultimate teachers of what works and what doesn't regarding training, nutrition, and technique.

Personalized to you

Everyone has a different goal when it comes to cycling. Some want to break a Strava record in their neighborhood, others want to complete a 200-mile gravel race, and many simply want to feel good on their bikes. Different goals require different types of training, fueling, and mental focus. At Team EF Coaching, we will match you with a coach who has the knowledge base and experience to help you achieve your specific goals.

Our training hub brings everything together

Just as we do when coaching our professional team, we minimize distractions so that you can focus on training and recovery. Your weekly training plans, ride data, and communication with coaches are housed within the Team EF training hub — a one-stop shop for your needs. You and your coach will track your efforts and accomplishments, and work together to keep improving. You also have access to more than 100 exclusive training videos and insights from our pro riders, coaches, and sport directors.

Ready to take your cycling to the next level?

We use our own eight-zone training system designed to improve your abilities across all aspects of cycling

What is the EF Intensity Spectrum?

The EF Intensity Spectrum is our unique scale of effort that prioritizes real-world feel over rigid methodology. Our goal is to move away from dependence on training zones and allow more freedom in your riding. We achieve this by teaching you to combine intuition and data to develop a true understanding of your training load and response. After years of coaching elite cyclists in training and racing, we can help you hone performance intuition so that you can train smarter, and have more fun.

There’s more to life than FTP

Want to ride faster and further? The key is not to obsess over data — instead, start using data to perform. Most current training programs are designed around the concept of Functional Threshold Power. FTP is the brainchild of Italian professor Francesco Conconi, who developed the outline in the early 1980s. Revolutionary at the time, FTP is still relevant today — but just as music has moved on from Lionel Richie, cycling has moved on from 1982. A more dynamic test of power outputs gives a clearer indication of whether a rider is reaching his or her performance peak. We call this test Dynamic Threshold Power™, as it elastically measures how fast you're going to ride a bike in many different situations, not just in Conconi's laboratory.

Plans & Pricing

Real improvement takes time. While you will start to hone skills and gain new knowledge immediately, we’re in it for the long run with you. Please be sure that you can commit to a minimum of 3-4 months to ensure that we can help you see the results you’re looking for.

To provide comprehensive, data-driven coaching, we require Team EF Coaching athletes at all levels to have a heart rate monitor and power meter.


US$425/monthcharged monthly

Pay annually and get one month of coaching free.

  • Unlimited access to a dedicated cycling coach
  • Full access to our library of coaching content
  • Bi-annual nutrition analysis and consultation with a registered dietitian

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Looking for a professional-level WorldTour coaching experience? Elite members of Team EF Coaching have access to our EF Pro Cycling professional team staff.

Joining Team EF Coaching's Elite membership program means having the experience and insight of our WorldTour cycling team at your fingertips. We will guide you to meet your goals, improve as an athlete and have more fun doing it.

This is a highly customized product that requires a thorough consultation to assess your needs. Pricing starts at US$1,995 per month.

Not sure which plan to pick?

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