"I grew up doing all of the typical sports in middle school and high school, then I found running. After a mediocre running career (and running related injuries) I decided to try my first triathlon. After being the last out of the pool and wondering "why would anyone want to go for a swim before cycling and running?", I decided I was going to stick with the cycling.

It morphed from getting dropped on the local group rides to into finding my passion for endurance sports. That passion then turned into helping others with their nutrition and fueling so they can get the most out of their health and performance."

More about Spencer

Throughout my life I have always been fascinated with exercise, physiology, nutrition, and food. Over the years, through an Exercise Science degree at Marian University and hours upon hours of my own study, I have given myself the expertise to help others with their nutrition-based cycling goals whether it is to lose weight, fuel better for their next sportive, or simply just learn how to eat better for overall health. We all LOVE to train, but the fueling is just as important and it is extremely fulfilling for me to be able to help our athletes improve their performance, and life, through nutrition.

I am also a lover of all things cooking and throughout the years I have built up quite a following on Instagram making higher-protein, somewhat healthier alternatives to all the desserts and sweets most of us love. With my love for nutrition and cooking, you can see why I love to make my favorite treats a bit healthier!


Raced for the USA National Team at UCI 1.Pro Maryland Cycling Classic

3-time Indiana state time trial champion

Collegiate Team National Champions - Marian University


Road, Gravel, Time Trial

Fun facts

I have the record for the most gummy bears and slices of pizza eaten on a 330km training ride...