"Based in the Chicago area for 18 years - initially focused my sports career around soccer as I became a semi professional soccer player. Choosing to pursue my academic career with a full scholarship instead of professional soccer helped lead me to my passion of fitness. I became a strength coach in 2007, and then a triathlete coach in 2011. After I started racing Ironman I realized how much I enjoyed being on the bike which led me into becoming a cycling coach. Since then I have been extremely interested in analyzing movement mechanics for cyclists on and off the bike besides providing quality programs. "

More about Lori

After years of racing and competing I am happy to say I now dedicate my time to coaching athletes. Even with 15 years of strength and conditioning coaching, compiled with 11 Years movement screening and 11 years of cycling coaching, I will always continue to learn ways to improve my coaching tool box in order to enhance an athletes capabilities.

I'm currently pursuing a Doctorate in Human Performance focused around performance biomechanics, fatigue limitations and injury prevention.

I will always diagnose an athlete's movement in order to prescribe the optimal path for peak performance. 


15 years of coaching experience at all levels from beginner to Paralympic athlete.

USA Weight Lifting Certification

USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

UESCA Cycling Certification

PICP Poliquin grup certified level 3

Biosignature certified

Cycling disciplines

Road cycling

Gravel cycling

XC mountain biking

Fun fact

Former semi-professional soccer player. Have three dogs, yellow labrador 'Addy', chihuahua terrier 'Shelby', and pitbull "Paisley'.