Targeted Training Plans

Got a Gran Fondo on your calendar? Want to become better at TT? Racing cyclo-cross this winter?

Our Targeted Training plans are designed to help you improve at specific disciplines or types of riding, in a set period of time.

Once you've completed the Targeted Specific Training Plan you can either continue with our Foundations Training Plan or choose another speciality to level up.

We're constantly adding new Targeted Training Plans so if there's something you'd like us to add, just let us know.

Time Trial Foundations

A 12 week programme targeting Time Trial fitness. The training plan is built to help you prepare for a 20-40 minute TT on a flat course, focussing on maintaining maximum power over a short and steady period.

Gravel Foundations

This 12 week programme focuses on the core fitness and skills to help you become a better gravel rider and is designed to build both endurance and explosive power for a long distance event on hilly terrain.

Cyclo-cross Foundations

A 4 week programme that helps improve your CX fitness and skills. This short training plan is designed for intermediate riders to prepare for the short but intense cyclo-cross season.

Connected Strength Foundations

Team EF Coaching's connected strength program will guide you over the course of 12 weeks through a process of getting familiar with the gym environment, connecting with your body, and working out some imbalances to a place where you will be executing more explosive exercises in lower rep ranges of 4-6.

Access them all

To access these Targeted Training Plans, all you need to do is join the Foundations Training Plan which starts at just $19.95 a month.

Once enrolled you'll find all of these plans in the 'Your training plan' section on the My Coaching area on or in the Training Plans area in the menu on the Today's Plan app. You can then choose when to start the plan and even have the flexibility of moving workouts around to suit your availability.

These plans are exclusively available for all Foundations Training Plan users.