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Team EF Coaching x #RaphaFestive500

Get fitter and faster with our six-week training program

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What our $99 plan includes

A fitness assessment (20 min FTP or heart rate equivalent)

Premium access to the Today's Plan app

Six weeks of personalized training plans

With a choice of three intensity levels from 4 - 10 hours per week.

Weekly live online Webinars

Featuring Team EF Coaching coaches and special guests including Tejay Van Garderen, Mitch Docker and our head coach Colby Pearce.

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What you’ll learn over six weeks

Week 1

Power and heart rate control

Our plan will assess your current fitness level and tailor your plan to your ability. You will learn about power and heart rate and how you can best train using either method.

Colby Pearce talks to Team EF Coaching and EF Pro Cycling’s Alex Howes

Week 2

Intensity, body positioning, and bike fit

To get in shape, you need to find your position on the bike. With workouts that are designed to highlight issues in bike fitting, our plan will help you identify and dial in your fit, and make sure you can start really applying the pressure. We’ll also learn how your ability maps to the intensity spectrum, allowing you to understand where your limits lie.

Colby Pearce talks to recently retired EF Pro Cycling rider and Team EF coach Tejay van Garderen

Week 3

Acceleration conditioning

Acceleration comes from cadence. Spin the legs fast, and you’ll get up to speed quicker. This week, you’ll learn how acceleration affects gear selection and how to use cadence on climbs. Week three will make you think and ride differently.

Colby talks to retired WorldTour rider and Team EF coach Travis McCabe

Week 4

Torque Pedalling

Get the most out of every single pedal stroke. Fundamentally, cycling is about transferring power from your legs to your pedals. In week four, our plan will get you thinking about how you ride, and stop you from losing energy with wasteful technique.

Weekly Recap – Colby Pearce talks to Canadian ex-pro and Team EF coach Bruno Langlois

Week 5

High intensity ceiling bursts

Push the limit of your fitness in week five with targeted maximum effort intervals designed to increase your power and move the natural ceiling of your fitness. Ideal for encouraging explosive power and helping you make gaps in the group, this week will be crucial for riders wanting to make quick gains.

Colby Pearce talks to recently retired EF Pro Cycling rider and new coach with Team EF Coaching, Mitch Docker

Week 6


Our final week of training revolves around tapering. Tapering is an individual ability to recover, rest,and build up to your very best performance. It’s an art that requires listening to your body, and easing off from big efforts, and it will help you get to the start of the #RaphaFestive500 in the best possible shape.

Weekly Recap – Colby Pearce talks with women’s elite rider and Team EF coach Heather Fischer

What you'll need

  • An indoor bike or road bike
  • A bike computer/head unit compatible 
with Today's Plan
  • A power meter OR a heart rate monitor and cadence sensor
  • A minimum of 4 hours to train per week

Please note: The above items are crucial to completing this training plan; therefore, we do not recommend signing up if you don't have access to these training tools. Please also note that all training plans will be delivered in English.

How do I get started?

To start your plan, click below to create an account, enter your card details, and download the Today’s Plan app. Next, sync the app with your bike computer, and complete your fitness assessment by November 11th.

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