“I've tried to juggle professional racing and adventure cycling for the last four, five years. The opportunity to combine both those passions, essentially racing and exploration on a bike, that's what really speaks to me. To explore that mix and see where that gets us."

More about Lachlan

By now, you’ve heard of his barnstorming ride across France in summer 2021, “The Alt Tour," in which he carried his own camping gear on his bike and set off to beat the Tour to Paris, riding each stage and the distances between. Searching for the Tour spirit of old, he camped out, raided cafés for food, and fixed his own flats.

Over the last few seasons, Lachlan has embraced an alternative approach to racing wholeheartedly, racing what’s now known as Unbound Gravel, the Leadville 100, GBDuro, and Three Peaks Cyclocross. He also rode the iconic Colorado Trail (850 kilometers) in just under four days (3 days, 22 minutes) to raise funds for Australia’s Starlight Foundation. In 2020, he ticked off the 700km Badlands race in 44 hours.

He knows how to ride fast and far, and he can help you do the same.

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Professional Cyclist 2013 - Present

1st Overall - 2010 Tour de l'Abitibi

1st Overall - 2019 GBDuro

1st Overall - 2016 Tour of Utah

1st Overall - 2016 Tour of the Gila

1st Overall - 2020 Badlands

Former record holder - Kokopelli Trail (2020)

Former record holder - Everesting Challenge (2020)

Completed 2021 Tour de France route, solo and unsupported, 5 days ahead of the peloton