"My goal as a coach is to help dedicated cyclists reach their peak performances predictably and sustainably through applied science, critical thinking, and contextual data analysis. Additionally, I take great pride in the connection and high level of communication I maintain with my athletes."

More about Jason

Improving the performance of cyclists has been a primary focus and passion of mine for most of my adult life. This passion has led me to pursuing higher degrees in Exercise Physiology and Sport Science with academic supervisors and experts who specialized in cycling and endurance performance research. This has given me valuable experience and insight into working with athletes above and beyond coaching and personal experience as an athlete. My research interests include cycling performance, endurance exercise, environmental physiology, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Besides coaching and research, I co-host The Cycling Performance Club Podcast - a podcast where scientists, pro-cyclists, and cutting-edge coaches discuss topics in training, performance, science, and all things cycling! I have also presented to World Tour and national cycling teams and governing bodies, mentored a number of endurance coaches, and have written articles for TrainingPeaks, CyclingTips, and various blogs.

I thoroughly enjoy being a resource of information for my athletes and colleagues. My philosophy is, better knowledge means better decision making which means better performance outcomes - quite literally, knowledge is power!


Ph.D. in Exercise and Sport Science

USA Cycling - Level 1 Coach

Master's in Exercise Physiology

15+ years of coaching cyclists and endurance athletes

Researcher in cycling performance and endurance sports since 2005

Coached athletes to UCI World Championships and National Championship levels

Coached World Champion Para-Athlete

Former Regional Masters Road Race Champion - Western Australia & Wisconsin

Cycling disciplines

Road cycling

Mountain bike

Gravel biking


Fun fact

My passion for performance started with motorsports while racing go-karts as a kid at the Sugar River Raceway in Broadhead, Wisconsin - where a very young Danica Patrick and I would often go toe-to-toe.