"My name is Heather, but my racing friends call me Smash. I found my passion for cycling when I was 20 years old as a student studying political science at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The local landscape inspired me to ride and explore. After several years of collegiate racing, I won the 2012 Collegiate National road race, which propelled me into my professional cycling career. Since then, I’ve charged up the Mur de Huy as a member of the US National Team, raced on the Champs-Élysées on a European UCI team, and I’ve suffered up the steep ascents of the high desert mountains of New Mexico and in the sweltering heat of the Ozarks."

More about Heather

I have raced professionally for ten years. My specialty is technical courses with shorter powerful climbs. I love studying the course, making a race plan, and executing that as a team of six riders on the road. I have a knack for reading the race and for reading riders. As a coach I am a skilled listener and observer.

Skills and race craft have been the foundation of my career as a professional cyclist, and that knowledge makes me valuable as a coach. I’ve coached the CU Cycling team to multiple championships and now a certified USAC Level 2 coach, I enjoy watching the progress of my athletes as they work hard towards achieving their goals. I will help you know when to push and when to rest and I will be a steadying force when training and life get complicated. Like most athletes, I have experienced injuries and major setbacks, so I know what it takes to get back to a high level of performance after losing momentum. One of my roles as a coach is to help you find the balance between work, life, challenges, and training.

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Fun fact

I can't stop watching The Great British Bake Off. No, I am not a baker.