My name is Heather, but my racing friends call me Smash. I found my passion for cycling when I was 20 years old as a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The local landscape inspired me to ride and explore. After several years of racing, I won the 2012 Collegiate National road race, which propelled me into my professional cycling career. Since then, I’ve charged up the Mur de Huy as a member of the US National Team, raced on the Champs-Élysées on a European UCI team, and suffered up the steep ascents of the high desert mountains of New Mexico and the sweltering heat of the Ozarks with teams Rally and Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank.

More about me

I currently ride for DNA, a US-based continental team, and I’ve experienced most of the US domestic races and many of the events on the European women’s calendar. You can usually find me on the Pro Road Tour and the USA Crit scene, since criteriums hold a special place in my heart. They require a lot of skill, course knowledge, and power, and over the last few years I have focused more on my sprint training and building neuromuscular endurance. Skills and race craft have been the foundations of my career as a professional cyclist, and that knowledge is what makes me valuable as a coach. Most people can make fitness gains with attentive coaching, but if you want to learn how to confidently ride in a peloton, know when and where to position before a sprint or at what point in a course a breakaway is most likely to succeed, then I am your coach.

Like most athletes, I have experienced injuries and major setbacks, so I know what it takes to get back to a high level of performance after losing momentum. I’ve coached the CU Cycling team to multiple championships, and I enjoy watching the progress of my personal clients as they work hard towards achieving their athletic goals. In addition to making you the best cyclist you can be, one of my roles as a coach is to help you find the balance between work, life, and cycling. I think greater strength and focus comes with life balance. When I’m not riding professionally, I love to spend free time rippin’ down trails on my mountain bike at home in Colorado with my dog.


  • Team Time Trial National Champion
  • Div 1 Collegiate National Road Race Champion
  • Stage Winner - Tour of Gila

Fun fact

I can't stop watching The Great British Bake Off. No, I am not a baker.