I’m a strength coach who has trained and treated injuries for A-list actors, CEOs, and elite athletes over the last decade after earning a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Sports Training & Rehabilitation. I got into sports conditioning after suffering a knee injury while playing basketball at a high level in high school and I developed a keen interest in the prevention of injury through strength and functional training.

More about me

My professional path led me to start training a few high-profile actors who suffered with injuries that were inhibiting their training. Once I’d proven my ability to achieve aesthetic goals in spite of injury and reduce the likelihood of re-injury, I found work in the movie industry on a more regular basis. I have since also found myself in the world of music, elite sport, and business, and I started a private training studio called Before The Lights with my two business partners.

I’m passionate about coaching because every single person is different. There isn’t a single method that will work for everyone, which is something I’ve learned throughout my years of experience. Training and conditioning is like a puzzle, because you need to figure out what’s going to help each individual person. Someone being relieved of pain or making a positive change to their health has always been the biggest reward to me.


Strength training

Fun fact

I have worked on the set of X-Men, Game of Thrones, and Spider-Man.