"I’m Emma, half New Zealander and half British, but I've always loved cycling wholeheartedly. I was studying sports performance in the UK and racing here and there on the national scene when I got offered a pro-contract in the US with Tibco in 2014. I leapt at the chance, moved my life out to Colorado and never really looked back. I've raced six seasons as a pro rider, working with different coaches and getting to grips with my own specialisms. I really shine on the climbs and know what going uphill is about - I got 9th on GC at the Tour of California in 2019, making most of my time on Mount Baldy."

More about Emma

Throughout my pro career, and going back to my degree, the performance side of sport has always been fascinating. I've undertaken IOC diplomas in nutrition, and paid close attention to minute details in training. Over time, I've come to look at performance as a blanket term for all the overarching individual aspects - and making sure that each part of your training complements another side is really pretty critical. Moving to Boulder greatly influenced the way I approach cycling - meeting coaches like Colby Pearce helped me see that a performance is the combination of multiple strands, and key amongst them is listening.

Cycling disciplines

Road cycling

Time trial

Hill climb


9th on GC, Amgen Tour of California 2019

Degree in Sports Performance

IOC diploma in nutrition

6 year pro career

Ridden against some of the greatest names in women's cycling

Fun facts

In 2020, I Everested Mt Lemmon in Tucson to raise money for charity at the start of the pandemic. The attempt got a lot of attention, and a couple of weeks later, Phil Gaiman, Lachlan Morton, and everyone was giving it a go.