I am a strength coach from Great Britain with a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Training & Rehabilitation. After graduating in 2011, I went to Melbourne, Australia to study under and work with Melbourne Muscular Therapies. I have completed the FRC Mobility Specialist course and have also worked with elite athletes across a range of different sports including football, cricket, rugby, cycling, and running.

More about me

I have always been a passionate sportsperson, playing and training for almost every sport throughout my youth. During this time I suffered several injuries and, as a result, had a firsthand experience with the recovery and rehabilitation side of sport. Those injuries and my time coming back from them introduced me to the world of sports conditioning. In my career, I’ve been lucky enough to work in Australia, The Bahamas, and currently in London where I run Before The Lights with my business partners.

I think that everyone should have some level of understanding of how they can benefit themselves through physical training. The ability to help guide and assist people through this process of learning is something that is very rewarding to me, because I know from experience how it can impact your sporting career. Being able to help people resolve their injuries, improve their performance, and reach their goals is something that not everyone gets the chance to do.


Strength training

Fun fact

I have represented Great Britain in AFL Football, winning two European championships and competing in one World Cup.